Punker to Pastor

Posted by Kelly Lohrke on

Going from punker to pastor, my attitude remains the same–give it your all! The only difference is that I went from the life of sin to a life of righteousness. In my punker years, I gave my all to Satan and held nothing back. Should I offer my Lord Jesus any less? My desire within these pages is to truly challenge every reader to give the Lord Jesus there all, and not hold anything back; be radical in their service to God. Clearly, if we could live a life of radical sin, why not live one in radical obedience? We must live our lives and fulfill all that God has for us. We have one life to live and only a certain amount of time to live. We have wasted plenty of time before, living for ourselves and now we must give it all to Christ. God can take it any line, mold, show you, and build it, to be used by him.

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